One of the projects I did on the side a while back was made a tubular rear bumper for my Miata with a trailer hitch. The hitch was used to tow extra wheels and smaller items on a little trailer for track days that I did with the Miata.

Using Solidworks, I drew up the design of what I wanted the rear bumper to look like.

I laser cut and welded the brackets to the rear and added some dimple dies to take away a little material without compromising the structural integrity.

I set up a stand at the right height of the car and used a tube bender to get the shape of the rear bumper and compared it from the top.

I added two additional support bars underneath the tow hook just to help with the weight of the trailer.

(Semi) Final result from the top with the hitch in the receiver. This was before the lower support bars were added.
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