With all of the focus being on the front spindle design, I haven’t forgotten about the rear. 

These are the new tubular chassis trailing arm mounts. The pivot center is within 1″ of stock and toe is adjustable through the slots. 

There’s much more on the rear suspension coming, this is just the beginning. Along with the rear suspension we’ve made a lot of progress on the roll cage. I turned my lathe into a tube notcher which helps an exponential amount with time an accuracy.

The last picture you saw of the cage was of the B pillar roll bar, there’s been lots of progress since then. The harness bar has been added and the whole thing has been tied into the rear strut tower cage mount. 

Last but certainly not least the placement of the radiator has begun. It’s a little different than what you’d might expect. 

Whaaaat? That’s right, rear mount radiator. This will help with better weight distribution, less heat soak from the engine bay, and of course allow for better placement of the intercooler up front. Little by little the civic is coming along.