The main structure of the tubular front clip was finished tonight, so I thought I’d update with some “in progress” pictures leading up to the final product. There’s still a lot more work to be had but we’re getting there!

A flat piece of metal was clamped to the top of each of the smaller tubs up top to ensure they were level with each other before the plate was welded onto the car
Both sides of the diagonal support tubes were measured and placed before welding to the support beam of the front end to ensure each bar was angled evenly

The car was lifted on to a taller piece of metal to make the bottom pieces of the support beams more comfortable to weld. Featuring: Mia the shop dog
With all of the placement of the main tubes in the right place, the only thing left was welding them all in. The final tubing is strong enough to lift the entire car. The transmission and motor mounts as well as the mounting points for the fenders, front bumper, and intercooler will still need to be added before it’s completely finished. The entire front clip can be removed with only six bolts making for a quick and easy engine removal if needed.