After having the shell on the lift and removing the front half of the clip, the shell was moved into it’s stationary place in the shop where all of the work for the full build will be completed, up in it’s own little corner.
I started out by cutting off the roof and part of the back end to begin mapping out the main aerodynamics of the car. Using a faro arm, I measured all of the chassis pickup points to start out on the suspension geometry. The pick up points, once measured, look a little something like this:suspension-geo

The final step of getting it all ready to completely measure is setting up a mock engine block to ensure the placement of the front end fabrication. Luckily I had a few spare K20 parts lying around that made for the general mock up to be pretty easy.

The K Series was placed in the accurate location to ensure there’s no room for error on the front end fabrication. This picture includes a little sneak peak of an RBC intake manifold I’m modifying on the side.

Days until GTA 2017: 123