Back in August 2016 I purchased a non rolling 1993 Honda Civic Hatch shell, the same body style as the car I currently run on the track. The idea was to use it for mock up parts for the running car, but it quickly turned into the shell that will be used out on the track. It gives me the ability to make and install the cage and other big parts while still being able to run on the track with the other civic.

First thing was getting the sucker on the lift, being a non rolling shell it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to transport. I cut off the damaged part of the front end to start mapping out placement for the motor and designing the suspension parts and tube front end, as well as cutting the rear to get ready for some big fab work to help with the overall aerodynamics of the car. Lots of measuring and welding and machining to do, so it’ll be a time crunch to get it all done.

Days until GTA 2017: 124